General Home Inspection

Desert Home Inspections proudly serves its customers with its General Home Inspection, which covers the following areas of your home when visible and safe to access:

  • Roof
  • Structural components
  • Attic, ventilation & insulation
  • Exterior cladding
  • Porch & deck
  • Attached garage
  • Driveway
  • Foundation
  • Basement/Crawlspace
  • Fireplace
  • Electrical system
  • Plumbing system
  • HVAC system
  • Interior, which includes:
    • Built-in appliances
    • Ceilings, floors & walls
    • Windows/glazing
    • Doors
Spanish Style Townhouse with Garage

Specialty Inspections

In addition to serving customers with general inspections, Desert Home Inspections also offers several specialty inspections:

Home Energy Inspection:

This inspection will save you and your family energy, increase your family’s comfort, and preserve the environment. The inspector will gather data and calculate an estimate of your home’s yearly energy consumption, generate suggestions for improvement, and come up with a potential energy-savings plan.

Commercial Property Inspection:

Desert Home Inspections extends services to commercial properties to ensure your building’s structural integrity and safety. Every part of your building – from plumbing to electric systems, to its structure – should be in good working order and the prospective business owner should be aware of any expensive repairs or replacements that may be needed in the future. Commercial inspections are important for the liabilities of employees, customers, and other occupants. If the inspector finds issues that must be addressed, he will give you suggestions for licensed professionals who can advise and assist with repairs and maintenance.

Pre-listing Inspection:

If you are putting your home or commercial building on the market, don’t do it blindly! Bring in Desert Home Inspections for a Pre-listing inspection to avoid unfavorable surprises that could be discovered by the buyer’s inspector.  A Pre-listing inspection is a worthy investment that can potentially reduce the property’s time spent on the market.


Thermal Imaging Inspection:

Using the latest in infrared camera technology, the Desert Homes Inspector will scan your entire structure for problems not visible to the naked eye. By assessing thermally generated images, the inspector can detect problems such as sources of energy loss, locations of moisture damage, target hazardous hotspots in the electric system, as well as other problems such as pest and rodent infestations. Thermal imaging is an especially useful method for detecting problems that can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning!


Annual Home Maintenance Inspection:

This inspection assists homeowners to understand and plan for the demands needed to properly maintain a home. Different obligations are either seasonal or more frequent, and your Desert Homes inspector will tend to every important detail. The inspector will assist customers in routine check-ups to be sure that everything in their home is in order and functioning efficiently and safely.

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Large Office Building

Commercial Inspection

Thermal Imaging Tool Pointed at House

Thermal Imaging

Price List


Up to 1000 square feetĀ 


1000-1500 square feetĀ 


1500-2000 square feet


2000-2500 square feet


2500-3000 square feet


3000-3500 square feet


Over 3500 square feet


Multiple Units


Additional Charges

Small Guest House, Additional Garage

$25.00 – $50.00

Pool/Equipment Inspection


Four Point Inspection


Extended travel time or remote location
(25 miles from 29 Palms)

$25.00 (Call)



Specialty Inspections

Home Energy Inspection


Pre-sale Inspection


Annual Home Maintenance Inspection


Commercial Building Inspection


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